December 8, 2022 1:13 PM

REAVELED: New Documents IMPLICATES Obama In Hunter Biden Scandal

As The Epoch Times noted, Republicans on the House Oversight Committee remained in touch with the Biden organization and raised any correspondence between Hunter and the Obama organization.

They hope to verify whether a group of Republicans need to verify Hunter Biden’s contact details with the Obama Organization and his father, President Joe Biden. Barack Obama was President when Hunter Biden recognized several payments from enemy companies from unknown countries to obtain favours from authorities.

His father, Joe Biden, evidently gave many favours to strangers, most notably bad Ukrainian lawmakers. President Trump was enraged by these abuses and urged the President of Ukraine to investigate the matter, these calls promoting his appearance at the White House in his final days.

There are fears that Hunter is still taking advantage of his father’s big name, so Republicans wrote that Hunter should be investigated immediately. Biden has a lot to do with what the Russians mean to Ukraine. There was a Department of Justice investigation into Hunter Biden’s dealings and this was built upon to consider a wide range of possible violations and misdeeds that could be committed. Authorities are investigating a possible FARA violation and tax evasion by Hunter Biden, The New York Times reports.

At the moment we are taking a look at the current international situation, we cannot say if Hunter Biden’s business contacts in Ukraine and Russia will still get much help since he is the son of President Biden. The National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) may very well be helping with this investigation,
said. People who worked with Hunter’s money are keeping an eye on the situation, contacted Joe Biden to say they lied about their association with them.

According to the officer, it was more than conscious. Vladimir Putin added Hunter to a list of Americans he had restricted, making them significantly more concerned. He said he never spoke to his son about how much cash he needed to live in the United States. Lie.”

Joe Biden met with some of his son’s friends and chatted with his son about his mail order business, according to new evidence. Putting Hunter Biden, not the other Biden children, in danger has greatly increased President’s deceptive deceptions in cases of rather worrisome concern to lawmakers.

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