December 8, 2022 12:08 PM

BOMBSHELL: Joe Biden Sued for Alleged Obstruction of Justice Over Hunter Biden’s Laptop Investigation

Fox Business posted a video of Hunter Biden being thrown under the bus because he may have allies coming to his aid, hoping to confuse people trying to investigate the laptop stories. James Biden, President Biden’s brother, denies being the “fixer” of the family. Even Joe Biden was sued for trying to pressure Big Tech to quash the laptop stories.

President Joe Biden has been sued for allegedly “collaborating” with Big Tech for and/or censoring free speech regarding Hunter Biden’s laptop story. White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki and Dr Fauci were listed as defendants.

The lawsuit, filed by two Republican states, alleges that Joe Biden and other senior officials in his administration pressured or colluded with Big Tech to censor a specific story about Hunter Biden’s laptop — that story, of course, the NY Post that revealed the information after the computer technician sent a copy of the hard drive to the likes of Rudy Giuliani after Hunter Biden left the laptop for repairs and never again.

The NY Post reported, “The lawsuit, filed Thursday by Missouri’s Attorney General Eric Schmitt and Louisiana’s Attorney Jeff Landry, accuses top government officials of conspiring to suppress information with social media giants Meta, Twitter and YouTube “under the guise of the Combating disinformation,” Fox News reported.

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki, Dr.Anthony Fauci and Nina Jankowicz, who heads the Department of Homeland Security’s (DHS) controversial new “Disinformation Governance Board,” were among the other senior federal officials and agencies named as defendants in the lawsuit, which was filed in US District Court were called the western district of Louisiana.

The 86-page lawsuit accuses the US federal government of violating the right to free speech by targeting conservatives by big tech companies. The
lawsuit states:

“After years of threatening and persuading social media platforms to censor and discriminate against speakers from the left, senior government officials in the executive branch have entered a period of open collusion with social media companies to suppress disadvantaged speakers, viewpoints and opinions. and stopping content on social media platforms under the Orwellian guise of so-called “disinformation.” misinformation” and “misinformation”.


It also states: “Labeling disadvantaged speech as ‘disinformation’ or ‘say ‘disinformation’ does not strip it of first amendment protections…with the general understanding that some false statements are inevitable if open and forceful viewpoints are to be engaged in.” public and private conversations… the First Amendment seeks to ensure.

The lawsuit also makes other allegations regarding Big Tech’s violations of freedom of speech and the suppression of certain stories.

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